All students in OEH seminar participated in a scavenger hunt yesterday evening to get to know the CPHB building and the OEH faculty. The teams were required to take a selfie with each of the items or people described on their lists. Here are a few of the most entertaining photos. Extra points were given for style. 
Three IH students and two engineering students who conducted research in the IH labs defended their MS theses and hung banners in May of 2015.  From left to right, we have Levi Mines, Laura Kienlen, Anthony Yang, Sam Jones, and Ryan Grant.
The 2015 OEH Jeopardy was held in early February in CPHB.  This year's host was Anthony Yang, with score keeper Levi Mines.  Each team actually had new faculty playing along (see the 2014 debacle) and a mixture of students from all Occupational Health disciplines.
The gauntlet was thrown and the Faculty carried the "More Cow Bell" team to victory in the 2014 OEH Jeopardy challenge.
In March 2012, the OEH Jeopardy session for seminar was held in the new CPH building.  Kelsie Reeve was the host ("Alex"), and Adrianne kept score.  Teams of students from all ERC disciplines fought tooth and nail for bragging rights of OEH Jeopardy champions. 


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